Lucas The Giganotosaurus, 1:35 scale

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Dinosaur Facts

Length: 13.5 to 14.3m
Diet: Carnivore
Period: Late Cretaceous
Time Span: 97 - 65 Million Years Ago

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Take a look at these fantastic dinosaur models from PNSO. Incredible details and beautiful painting of the figures are what sets these dinosaur replicas apart from most others. PNSO collaborates with professional scientists and has been invited to many key laboratories around the world to create these scientific works of art. This collection of dinosaur models are an absolute must-have for any dinosaur collectors out there - kids and adults a like.

Roaming what is now modern-day Argentina, the Giganotosaurus is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs to have ever walked the planet. This animal stood 12 feet tall at the hips, had a length of 43 feet and weighed about 8 tons. This not only makes it larger than the T Rex, but it also makes it quite a bit heavier. Not quite as big as Spinosaurus, but significantly bigger than the Tyrannosaurus.

Fortunately, these two dinosaurs never existed at the same time or the same place. The Giganotosaurus lived 30 million years before the T Rex—during the late Cretaceous period—and lived in South America while Tyrannosaurus lived in North America.

Not only is Giganotosaurus bigger than the T Rex, it is also believed to have been faster. Computer simulations have shown that the Tyrannosaurus could achieve a top speed of approximately 18 mph. On the other hand, Giganotosaurus is believed to have reached speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.


Scale: 1:35
Length: 37.0cm
Height: 15.0cm


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