Konobelodon 1:35 scale

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Dinosaur Facts

Height: up to 3.3m (11 feet)
Diet: Herbivore (plant eater)
Period: Middle-Late Pleistocene
Time Span: 1 Million to 500,000Years Ago

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Sculpted figurines from anatomically accurate reconstructions made and based on scientifically described individuals. A museum-quality educative product for kids and adults, which includes collectable/playing card. The users can play and learn while playing with the anatomically correct figure and its card.

Konobelodon was one of the largest and most advanced amebelodontid, representing the final evolutionary stage of the European shovel-tusker clade. It was characterised by enormous, dorso-ventrally flattened mandibular tusks and very large, straight upper tusks. The dentine (ivory) forming the lower tusks typically possess a tubular internal structure.


Scale: 1:35
Length: 23.0cm
Height: 11.0cm


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