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Dinosaur Facts

Length: up to 12m (40 feet)
Diet: Herbivorous
Period: Late Cretaceous
Time Span: 65.5 Million Years Ago

Affordable, but none the less beautifully modelled and finished range of dinosaur models from CollectA. Hand-painted and finely detailed. A great range to collect for any dinosaur fanatic!

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Olorotitan had a distinctive head crest that rose up from the top and back of the skull and points backwards in what has been called a hatchet shape. The crests on lambeosaurine hadrosaurids are thought to have served a similar purpose as the horns and frills of ceratopsian dinosaurs in that they would allow an individual to recognise others of its own species from similar dinosaurs as well as being coloured to reveal the vitality of the individual. However it is also possible that the hollow structure of the crest may have acted as a resonating chamber to affect the sound of its calls. This thinking is based upon the crest being expanded from the nasal bones, and if accurate, it would give Olorotitan an ability similar to what has been proposed for Parasaurolophus.


Model Dimensions:
Length: 14.6cm
Height: 6.0cm
Width: 3.8

Suitable for ages: 3 plus


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