Young Smilodon

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Dinosaur Facts

Length: 1.2 to 1.5m
Diet: Carnivore (meat-eater)
Period:Pleistocene Epoch (the early part of the Quaternary Period)
Time Span: 1.6 Million Years to 11,000 Thousand Years Ago

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Smilodon, was one of the few sabre-toothed cats that would have encountered humans. Whilst sabre-tooths in Africa and Europe became extinct before our species had evolved, Smilodon survived until the end of the ice age. Three species lived in the Americas over time. The ancestors of the Native Americans might have met two of these, Smilodon fatalis and Smilodon populator. The latter was a heavily built animal, weighing more than a Siberian tiger. Smilodon's ancestor was probably another sabre-tooth species, Megantereon, that lived in Africa, Eurasia and North America.

The Papo Smilodon is a hand-painted and highly detailed, molded plastic figure that brings prehistoric times to life again. The figure is very realistic making it easy for kids to pretend that it's alive.


Length: 10.0cm
Height: 4.7cm


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