Woolly Rhinoceros

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Dinosaur Facts

The Woolly Rhinoceros was a prehistoric beast resembling the rhinos of today, except that it was covered in a thick fur to protect it from the freezing climate of its Ice Age environment.

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Coelodonta lived during the Pleistocene Era, from around 3 ½ million years ago to just over ten thousand years ago. While it was long believed that climate change at the end of the last Ice Age led to their extinction, interactions with early humans likely played a larger role, as these giant beasts were hunted heavily by our prehistoric ancestors.

In addition to skeletal remains, the appearance of Woolly Rhinos can also be determined from mummified specimens discovered in Siberia and other frozen northern areas. They were also drawn in cave paintings by early humans, giving scientists a better idea of how these animals looked in life.

The closest living relative of the Woolly Rhinoceros is the endangered Sumatran Rhino, which also has a coat of shaggy fur, though it is not as thick as that of Coelodonta.

  • Scientific Name: Coelodonta (“Hollow Tooth”)
  • Characteristics: The Woolly Rhino was a large, furry mammal with a pronounced hump on its back and two horns sprouting from its nose. The larger of the two horns could grow up to two feet in length! This Woolly Rhino figure captures these features in scientifically accurate, realistic detail, reconstructing this prehistoric mammal in a walking pose, with its head bowed.


  • Length: 17.0cm
  • Height: 8.0cm
  • Width:  4.5cm

Suggested age range: 3+


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